Example Prices


Head & shoulders
45 x 35 cm (18 x 14 inches)




Half body seated
60 x 50 cm (24 x 20 inches)




¾ body seated
75 x 60 cm (30 x 24 inches)




¾ body standing
100 x 75 cm (40 x 30 inches)



Further Pricing Information

Prices on the website are for single figure portraits. The prices can vary according to detail and content and as each portrait is unique then please regard the prices as a reasonably good guide. Other prices can be discussed depending on size, number of people and environmental details.

Double portraits are approximately £1000 in addition to the single person portrait prices. Group portraits of 3 persons or more will usually need to be on larger canvases and a price can be estimated for you.

I am able to travel within the UK and a sitting such as in London can be done in a day; travel and necessary lodging expenses are not included in the prices.

A deposit of 25% is requested before any creative work begins and the remaining cost, plus travel and lodging expenses, is invoiced and due once the painting is completed, satisfactory to all parties and is ready for delivery. Payments are expected within 30 working days from date on invoice.

Advice on framing can be offered or a full framing service can be provided for an additional fee.


Guarantee, Cancellation and Copyright Details

If the portrait is lost or incurs damage in transit then a full refund or replacement painting will be offered to the client. If the client is not completely satisfied with the painting they can return it within 30 days for a full refund, not including the return postage cost. 

If the commissioner or sitter cancels the portrait before the painting is finished then a fee is still due for any work and expenses incurred by me on the project, payments already made will be taken into account. 

I keep the copyright of all the paintings I make. I may display the work in my website, along with a title. If you don’t want the image to be displayed then you have to let me know and it can either not be included in the site or it can have a title such as: Private collection and the date. The contract will be governed by English Law.