Initial Consultation
I am available for an initial no obligation consultation to interested clients, either face to face or over the phone, where we can discuss the purpose and size of the portrait and the type of style, be it formal or informal. I can answer any queries about the process, the medium and timescales. If time is very limited then that is not a problem as I can work from 1 sitting.
Location and Surroundings
We can also talk about the use of location and surroundings, to include any reference to interests, lifestyle or passions. I like to use your own surroundings as it encourages a relaxed and natural atmosphere for a good realistic sitting.


The First Sitting
Depending on the outcome of the consultation we then arrange a sitting suitable to your availability and requirements. If time is very limited then I can work from one sitting at the chosen location where I will meet with you in your surroundings, where we can have a chat and be comfortable in each others company. I will be taking reference photos; I often make small sketches to get a feel for the portrait, the colour range and looking at composition ideas, with the more major oil painting stages done back at my studio.
Developing the Composition

As mentioned, the sittings are best done in the subject’s environment such as home or workplace and could last from 2 to 3 hours, with breaks; you do not need to stand/sit for long and will feel relaxed, and comfortable, we will try lots of poses. The photographs are kept confidential and are just for my use.

Back at my studio up to 3 composition ideas are roughly sketched and sent or emailed to you within a few days. Once a composition is selected that suits the commission request then work can start on the oil painting in the studio where no sittings are necessary. The painting is done on canvas using the suitable reference material.

Final Stages
When I am at the final stages of the painting I will email images to you and once you feel happy with the portrait, and if any necessary alterations are completed then the work is ready for delivery. A sitting can be held to check on detail but all of my clients are happy with the results before any final sitting. If time is very limited then that does not need to be a barrier.

More Information

How Long Does it Take?

One portrait can take between 6 to 10 weeks once a commission is placed, all depending on the number of people in the portrait, the size, and necessary time for drying. A large group portrait will take longer, perhaps up to 3 months.

Do I Need to Travel?

I am able to travel to your location within the UK; travel and necessary boarding expenses are not included in the quoted prices and will need to be reimbursed by the client, an accurate estimate of those expenses will be given; I am not VAT registered.

What About Other Portraits?

Larger canvases for group portraits can be used and I can estimate a price with you. The subject matter, such as ‘half figure’ mentioned is just a guide; I prefer to work on a portrait where the head is no smaller than maybe 15 cm from top of head to chin, unless it is of a group study. Posthumous portraits can also be painted but only if ideal photo reference material is provided.

The portrait is in oil, painted on canvas or board, and we must allow time for the necessary drying and any modifications, etc. Framing is not provided but can be advised upon.

Terms and Conditions

After the consultation and agreement on the style, content, price and time involved, a (non refundable) deposit of 25% of the commission price to be paid before any sitting or creative work begins. The final invoice for the remaining cost is issued upon completion and when full payment has been received then the portrait delivery is made to the client. When full payment has been received the finished portrait will belong to you but the artist retains the copyright of the image.

Charity Special Offer Terms

Where a portrait is commissioned as a 'Charity Special Offer' the following payment terms will apply:

25% (non refundable) deposit of the commission cost to be paid before work is started. On completion of the portrait an invoice for a further 50% of the total price will be issued.

The portrait will be released to the Client when this payment has been received and a receipt to the value of the remaining 25% from the client's chosen charity has been supplied to the Artist. When full payments have been received the finished portrait will belong to you but the artist retains the copyright of the image.